Living and Non-living Things for Kids | Learn why some things are alive and others are not

What is the difference between something that is alive and something that is not? You and your kids will learn all about the characteristics of both living and non-living things. Both have special characteristics that differentiate the two groups. Living things grow, eat, and reproduce. They can also breathe, have senses, and move. However, some non-living things can move, too. Think about fire or water. They aren\'t alive, but they definitely move!

Things that are alive grow, such as chicks that become hens or sprouts that become plants. They also have to eat, or take in nutrients, to survive. Different species need different nutrients, but they all require nutrients to live and grow. And both plants and animals reproduce to create more of their own kind. Non-living things can\'t do any of these things.

In addition, things that are not alive also do not breathe or have senses. For instance, a teddy bear cannot feel you touch it. A waterfall cannot see anything. However, some of these objects do move. As mentioned, fire and water aren\'t alive, but they move all on their own. Other things, like cars, can move as well, but not on their own. These objects require people to make them move. In addition, non-living things can be solids, liquids, or gases.

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What you will learn in Living and Non-living Things for Kids:
0:00 Introduction to living and non-living things
0:34 What it means to be a living thing
1:15 Living things can grow
1:44 Living things can take in nutrients and reproduce
3:28 Characteristics of non-living things
4:41 Compare living and non-living things
5:23 Review of the facts

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