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Process of Vermicomposting.
Take a large wooden box or dig a pit 30 cm deep.
Put the wooden box in a shady area.
Spread a net or a fine chicken mesh at the bottom of the box.
Spread some vegetable wastes, fruit peels, dried animal dung, husk, old newspapers, etc. on it.
The layer of waste should be loose for sufficient air and moisture.
Now, spread a layer of soil on it.
Sprinkle some water to make the layer moist.
Make sure that excess water is not used.
Place some redworms in the vermicomposting pit.
The redworms need food like fruit and vegetable peels, coffee powder, tea powder, weeds, etc.
After 30 days.
If proper care is taken, the number of redworms will become double.
Cover the pit with grass or gunny bags.
Once in a few days, it is important to mix and move the top layer.
After 4 weeks.
The compost is now ready.
Put some food wastes in one corner so that all the worms move towards it.
When redworms move to one corner.
Remove the remaining part of compost.
Dry the compost in the sun.
After few days.
Vermicompost is ready.
Part of the compost containing worms can be reused in vermicomposting.
This method of making compost with the help of redworms is called vermicomposting.
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