Pentecost for Kids: The Holy Spirit Comes - Acts 2 Bible Story (

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Looking for an Acts 2 Pentecost Sunday School lesson that your teachers can share confidently and will inspire your children? Look no further! Sharefaith Kids’ Pentecost Sunday School Lesson \"The Holy Spirit Comes\" is exactly what you have been searching for! This kids Bible video is the centerpiece of our Acts 2 The Holy Spirit Comes Sunday School Lesson for kids. Along with this Sunday School lesson video your class will enjoy a beautifully designed slideshow, interactive Q&A and printable activities. The simple to understand Sunday School lesson curriculum takes less than 15 minutes to prepare! It really is a teacher\'s dream come true. All Sharefaith Kids Sunday School Lessons are available via our kids app, an incredible way to prepare and present your lesson on the go! And the best part? With Sharefaith Kids you get unlimited access to two years worth of Sunday School Lessons for less than $1/Day! If you\'re ready to rally your leadership around amazing Sunday School Lessons that build confident teachers and inspire your kids then give Sharefaith Kids a test drive today:

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